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Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion

100 total cards (80 White and 20 Black)
12 bonus blank cards (8 blank White cards and 4 blank Black cards)
First and Second Expansions not required to play, though heartily recommended.

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13 reviews for Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion

  • What to say about this game…? Besides the fact that it is hands down the most amazing gift known to mankind, proving that Jesus exists and actually cares about us, this expansion will literally get you laid within the first 23 hours of it being between your shaking, unworthy fingers.

  • Great game for adults.

  • Such a fun game!

  • Highly recommend several times over but definitely invest in some expansions. The game is addictive enough that you burn through the original pretty quickly.

  • Fun game to play with the family after dinner.

  • I love this game and you will to. I got my 72 year old mother to pay with us and she laughed so hard I was scared she would pass out. This is not for children but anyone over 18 will have a blast.

  • Just what I expected. It works well, has no problems.

  • Love this game. So fun!!!

  • Funny Game.

  • Must have for any party. Deliciously Adult!

  • Amazing. Not recommended for kids under 18. Lol

  • Way too much fun… Must keep an open mind for this one

  • Best Game EVER

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