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Cards Against Humanity: Sixth Expansion

The sixth official expansion for Cards Against Humanity, with 100 cards to add to your game plus 12 blank cards for your own stupid inside jokes.

  • Hey! This product is discontinued and its cards are now in the Blue Box. Once we sell out, it's gone.
  • 112 more cards: 75 white, 25 black, and 12 blank.
  • Died for your sins.

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23 reviews for Cards Against Humanity: Sixth Expansion

  • Love this game!! We laugh all night while playing!

  • I loved it, but my wife didn’t. I give it 5 stars, but I’ll also have to give it away to someone else I suppose.

  • Hilarious!!!FAVORITE GAME! so funny. do not let your kids play.

  • Great game, way better then apples to apples. although i had to look up some words since i dont know other languages at all

  • Way too much fun… Must keep an open mind for this one

  • This game provides hours and hours and hours of entertainment. No matter how old you are! 🙂 so so fun.

  • Fun and a very entertaining adult card game!

  • Most fun you can have, I recommend every single person to buy this game.

  • we have played this game before,but I decided to buy my own….I’m very happy with it. thanks

  • Had a game night and all of my friends loved it!

  • Everything you’ve heard about this game is true. It’s crued and full of sick humor. I love it!

  • Item was delivered on time and the ones that received it was very pleased

  • Just enjoy it for an evening.

  • The Good: arrived on time, was much more fun than anticipated — we did not want it to end.

  • My husband can’t wait until we take it to my parents house to play!!

  • I want to say that I am 19- for an age reference. I am a camp consular during the summer and when the kids went to bed sometimes some of the adult would stay and play this. This game has the same concept as Apples to Apples. When I received mine, I played it with my twin sister and best friend and we really enjoyed it.


  • Love it, love it, love it.

  • If you are looking for a game that you don’t want to play with your mom this is it!

  • Play this at home all the time .

  • It was sooo worth buying this game.

  • Sounds too simple to be this much fun, but is a LOT of fun.

  • If you don’t own a set, you suck. Hands down best party game.

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