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Cards Against Humanity: Second Expansion

The second official expansion for Cards Against Humanity, with 100 cards to add to your game plus 12 blank cards for your own stupid inside jokes.

  • Hey! This product is discontinued and its cards are now in the Red Box. Once we sell out, it’s gone.
  • 112 more cards: 75 white, 25 black, and 12 blank.
  • Now dolphin-safe.

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21 reviews for Cards Against Humanity: Second Expansion

  • Fun Game to put in the car. Never know when you might be bored or at a dead stop.

  • Best. Game. Ever.

  • Be forewarned: this card game is NOT for the faint of heart. Not even close. If you are sensitive in ANY way or plan to play this game with someone who is, this is not the game for you to play or plan to play. That being said, if you are NOT sensitive in any way and can generally find the humor in almost anything, give this a try. I have never laughed so hard in my life.

  • Everyone loved it. Nice deck

  • Outstanding

  • Definitely not for those easily offended… It’s a game of wit and those who have it or appreciate will love this game!

  • Everything came as expected

  • i love this game. i give it 5 stars cause its a fun game for non racist people. thats who i recommend it too

  • Our teen and adult children and their friends played this with us and we laughed drinks out our noses, sprayed nachos and cheese all over each other in hilarious bursts of laughter and we laughed until we couldn’t sit up. This is a great multi-generational game for those who don’t give a rat’s fuzzy butt about political correctness and if you do, this game is NOT for you!

  • good game.

  • The funniest and best game ever!

  • Xmas gift~

  • Awesome game! Definitely not for everyone.

  • Many lolz were had.

  • Bought all 4 expansions that are out and the “Bigger, Blacker Box”. With the abs I have received from excessive laughter I am considering being a model.

  • We have played several times (using every card in the box, each time) and it still hasn’t gotten old yet! How can a game that makes you discuss your bathroom habits prior to starting be a bad game??? I HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone (except kids, probably shouldn’t let your kids play this game…)!

  • Best game ever! Game must be played with like-minded people, check your scruples at the door and have a great time!

  • I have realized my friends are kind of messed up, Thanks to this game I must now find all new friends.

  • Great game for adults,way too much fun… Must keep an open mind for this one

  • Haven’t played it yet but my sister loves it.

  • You feel so wrong, yet so right when you play this game. All those things you think but can’t say, go ahead the game invites you to. You should probably plan to watch a Disney movie or read a Bible after though, you need something to cleanse your soul of the dark stain you place upon it by playing this delightfully dirty game.

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