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Cards Against Humanity: Green Box

The Green Box contains 300 totally new cards you can add to your deck of Cards Against Humanity, which is great because you love Cards Against Humanity.

  • 300 all-new cards: 245 white and 55 black.
  • Makes your life worth living again.
  • This is an expansion. Requires Cards Against Humanity.
  • Contains more cards in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

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4 reviews for Cards Against Humanity: Green Box

  • I love this game, I’d personally prefer purchasing in store but the game is so popular, it sells fast.

  • I’ve never cried so hard from laughing until I played Cards Against Humanity! This game is perfect for parties or just groups of friends.

  • More fore adults. The name tells it all.

  • This game does not disappoint!!


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