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Cards Against Humanity: Fourth Expansion

The fourth official expansion for Cards Against Humanity, with 100 cards to add to your game plus 12 blank cards for your own stupid inside jokes.

  • Hey! This product is discontinued and its cards are now in the Blue Box. Once we sell out, it's gone.
  • 112 more cards: 70 white, 30 black, and 12 blank.
  • Meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

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8 reviews for Cards Against Humanity: Fourth Expansion

  • The game really does make you feel like such an awful person, but a funny one 😀

  • I love this game! Adults-only, not kid-friendly, but hilarious fun. I plan to get all the expansion packs too.

  • On time delivery, good packaging job. No dings or rips. Hilarious game, especially after a couple of drinks. 🙂

  • Love this game!! It is so much fun to play.

  • This is a game my granddaughter has been asking for all year. Now she’ll have it at Christmas.

  • very fun game. its hilarous, but i dont recommend playing it with your parents !

  • What a truly awfully awesome game. I’m embarrassed that we enjoyed playing it so much

  • 5 Stars, obvi. It’s the best party game out there. Great for pre-gaming before going out. You should probs buy it!

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