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Cards Against Humanity: First Expansion

The first official expansion for Cards Against Humanity, with 100 cards to add to your game plus 12 blank cards for your own stupid inside jokes.

  • Hey! This product is discontinued and its cards are now in the Red Box. Once we sell out, it’s gone.
  • 112 more cards: 80 white, 20 black, and 12 blank.
  • Now with 40% more brand synergy.

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16 reviews for Cards Against Humanity: First Expansion

  • arrived on time and as advertised

  • Gave as gift to son and daughter in law. They absolutely love it.

  • This game is great for those who want something dirtier than Apples to Apples. I learned a few new sex things with this game, but maybe not for the best. It is quite crude and vulgar, but I like that sense of humor. This game is hilarious.

  • A couple of my friends and I played this in their apartment on our college campus. We got so into the game the cops came and asked about a noise complaint.

  • Hilarious game! I would not recommend this for any one under the age of 17.

  • New proud owner.

  • A great game

  • fun!

  • Extremely entertaining, super ingenious and addictive. Recommend it to everyone. A must have.

  • Perfect for college. My friends loved it!

  • So much fun! These are a great game to play to break the ice. Just be sure you aren’t playing with someone who is easily offended

  • FUN

  • This is the best inappropriate adult card game there is! I can’t believe it took me so long to find it!

  • Fast Shipping Fun Game,Seriously the best game ever!

  • Worst disasters in history? Definitely. Have a fun Saturday night planned with other people who don’t always insist on political correctness? Dude, seriously–play this game.

  • Buy this now! Unless you are easily offended. Then don’t. Go meditate or something.

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