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Cards Against Humanity: Fifth Expansion

The fifth official expansion for Cards Against Humanity, with 100 cards to add to your game plus 12 blank cards for your own stupid inside jokes.

  • Hey! This product is discontinued and its cards are now in the Blue Box. Once we sell out, it's gone.
  • 112 more cards: 75 white, 25 black, and 12 blank.
  • You won't believe it's not butter.

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5 reviews for Cards Against Humanity: Fifth Expansion

  • Definitely not a game to play with the whole family (unless you’re in one of those families where you discuss EVERYTHING), but it’s a great, hilarious game

  • I received the package on time and in tact – no complaints. The box is sturdy and hard. The directions are not some thin piece of paper. If you are on the edge of buying this I would recommend of watching some youtube videos of people playing to see if it is something you would enjoy as for many things are controversial.

  • Best. Game. EVER!

  • Everything was on time and the game was what I was expecting. Great buy!

  • I played it on Thanksgiving with a large group of people and enjoyed it so much I came home and ordered the set and all the add on packs.
    The group was aged from 17 to 65 and everyone had a good time.

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