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Cards Against Humanity Basic Version

Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card.

  • 550 total cards: 460 white and 90 black.
  • This is the main game. Buy this first.
  • Contains zero references to U.S. President Donald Trump.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to laugh again?

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38 reviews for Cards Against Humanity Basic Version


  • This game is sooooooooo wrong, but it feels sooooooooooo good playing it! There is no such thing as a “wrong” answer in this game. In fact, sometimes it’s the answer that makes little to no sense that ends up being the funniest answer.

  • Funny awesome game!!! highly recommend for some crude adult fun

  • Must have for any party. Deliciously Adult!

  • Now I just need to buy the expansion packs!

  • There are things from food to sexual terms. There are 90 blacks cards and 460 white cards. This is a HUGE difference so after playing a few times you remember what the black cards are…for me it made it less fun; however, there are extensions you can purchase that you can get more black cards as well as white ones. I might purchase those in the future but for right now I am good.

  • Awesome party game!


  • The longer explanation is that this is a card game with the sole purpose of making the most offensive, comical and awful statements possible

  • We will be buying the extra card set! We have had hours of fun with our friends playing this game!

  • Xmas gift~

  • FAVORITE GAME! so funny. do not let your kids play.

  • FINALLY, got it after 3 onths because it was sold out everywhere!! Very fun!! but it is an adult game!!

  • Really fun game that the entire family can play.

  • Such a fun adult card game! We brought this to a friends house and we all loved it! We played for hours and hours. Very funny raunchy.

  • Cars against humanity… what can I say??? Love it!!!! Great fun with friends and funny as heck! buy this item!

  • Nice game. Had fun playing with my kids. Be careful with the young ones.

  • Fun game. Can get pretty raunchy. Since there is no skill involved, it gets kind of boring once you have gone through the cards

  • My oldest son put this game on his Christmas wish list. Knowing nothing about it I purchased it. I was overjoyed that he was asking for something that didn’t require batteries or wasn’t a video game.
    Now, I realize I’m going to be judged as a bad parent for purchasing this game and for not doing more research before giving it to my teenage son. I accept that. However, this game is so funny.
    My Husband and I have played it with our son quite a few times and it made us all sit together and just laugh so hard that we snort and end up having some very interesting conversations.
    Yes, the game is politically incorrect and does have some sexual context but so does everything on TV and on the internet these days.
    Anything that keeps my teenager talking to me and feeling comfortable speaking with us about odd or uncomfortable things is a win in my parenting handbook.

  • Very funny for a couple of times. After playing a couple of times, you won’t want to play again. But, fun at first.

  • We usually don’t sit around and play games, but this game has changed that. This game is so funny it had my husband laughing with tears in his eyes. Will definitely purchase the other cards.

  • A bad, bad game for bad, bad people. You’re probably a bad person, but might not even realize it, having hidden that side of yourself for so long, sweet innocence is no longer an act, but your reality. This game will release that inner demon.

  • Now if my mom was writing this review she would say something completely different- let’s just leave her out of this. The rest of my family thought this is the funniest thing ever. We never play games as a family but we play this about once a week.

  • So much fun, this game works so well with the type of humor my social circle enjoys. Also, we are probably going to hell.

  • This game is best played with close friends! I recently played on my 26th birthday and everyone had a great time. Just don’t play too frequently or the cards might lose their comedic appeal.

  • It’s so fun, so additive, so wrong on so many levels. I really enjoy playing this on camping trips with my siblings, or just with other adults when we are entertaining.

  • Always a fun time when these cards come out. Had to buy and extender set since everyone started to memorize this set.

  • If you aren’t a horrible person already, you will soon be. You will play Cards Against Humanity, and as others have said, you will be shocked, appalled, and worst of all, you will learn and adapt. You’ll reach for your smartphone and search for terms you’ve drawn such as “The Übermensch”, “Heteronormativity”, and “The Three-Fifths Compromise”. You will commit these and many other newly-learned words to memory.

  • Great game for mean people. And it’s especially fun when drinking.

  • This game is a must have at any adult party. So much fun and hilarious.

  • Awesome game! Its a great conversation starter and very fun for parties! the cards without the expansion pack is a great time between as little as 4 people.

  • Fun game to play with small or large groups.

    Prerequisite for the game:
    – One (1) dirty mind
    – Two (2) or more friends
    – drinks of your choice.


  • Fun, but I didn’t realize when we got it that it wouldn’t necessarily be appropriate to play within ear shot of young kids. So it’s not getting my play right now.

  • Just make sure you play it with people that have a sense of humor! Great for family and friend adults.

  • Not for the easily offended but tons of fun for the rest of us!!

  • Cards against humanity .is a great group game! we played until 4 a.m. and l.o.a.o. !

  • had many fights over some of the vulgar cards my family wont speak to me anymore

  • Puts tears in my eyes every time we play

  • If you get “Balls deep…” you’ll win no matter the question.

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