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Cards Against Humanity: 90s Nostalgia Pack

23 white & 7 black cards about the 1990s, a popular decade.
This is an expansion pack. Requires Cards Against Humanity.

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9 reviews for Cards Against Humanity: 90s Nostalgia Pack

  • Cards Against Humanity is a great Adult game that is sure to give you and those you play with alot of laughs!

  • This game has got to be the funniest game I’ve played in awhile.

  • Very funny stuff.

  • I purchased it finally.

  • everyone loves it

  • This was a gift for a friend that has ALL the cards and they loved them.

  • Apples to Apples is fun, and I have played it a few times, but it does not hold a candle to this game. This is truly a party game for horrible people. I would encourage anyone and every one to purchase this game.

  • Added lots of laughs to our cards against Humanity game!!

  • But I laughed until I cried..This game is totally disgusting, but now my sisters and I play, along with a select group of friends. My husband does not think it’s funny at all, bless his heart

  • My friends and I are terrible people. Therefore, we adore this game. I have never laughed so hard playing a game in my life

  • So good! Make more!

  • You know the game is gonna be hilarious when everyone gets the giggles just by reading their first 10 cards. We laughed until we cried. My mother actually had to say words in front of me she’s never said! GREAT GAME!

  • I am so exciting to play those cards with my friends.

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