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Cards Against Humanity: 2014 Holiday Pack

24 white & 6 black cards vaguely themed to the holiday season.
Originally sold as part of Cards Against Humanity’s “10 Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa.”
This is an expansion. Requires Cards Against Humanity.

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21 reviews for Cards Against Humanity: 2014 Holiday Pack

  • Lots of laughs

  • Worth it.Absolutely YES.

  • Always makes for a great laugh.Fun fun game!! Can’t remember laughing sooo hard!!

  • Hours of dark, twisted fun.

  • Sounds too simple to be this much fun, but is a LOT of fun.

  • Not a game for the easily offended. But if you’re a horrible person like me you’ll love this game more than you love cheating in the special Olympics.

  • This is the best party game devised by man or beast. Or man beasts. Or beast men. Or man bat. Or batman

  • This game can be a blast to play when everyone is old enough and my family definitely enjoyed the gift.

  • Play together!!

  • “Wanna play?”

  • Get it – all we did was laugh while playing.

  • Nice addition to Cards.

  • I bought this to take on a camping trip and it was great fun.

  • Third time I’ve bought this game! Second time as a present!

  • It helps you make friends.

  • GO GO GO

  • Absolutely love it!

  • I’ve been hearing so much about this game, and I love opportunities to do things together with a good group of people. So, I finally decided to buy this game.

  • The best thing about this game is that it changes each time you play it depending on the people playing.

  • What a fantastic game!

  • The big kids thought it was a great gift.


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