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Cards Against Humanity: 2013 Holiday Pack

23 white & 7 black cards vaguely themed to the holiday season.
Originally sold as part of Cards Against Humanity’s “12 Days of Holiday Bullshit.”
This is an expansion. Requires Cards Against Humanity.

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14 reviews for Cards Against Humanity: 2013 Holiday Pack

  • Great game, lots of laughs but fior adults only!

  • hours of fun

  • Be careful who you play this with. It has the potential to end friendships before they even start.

  • This game can be a blast to play when everyone is old enough and my family definitely enjoyed the gift.

  • 5 stars all the time yes

  • This game is a dirty, sexist, racist, fantastic version of apples to apples. It’s the best party game there is and well worth the money, I would recommend this to anyone!

  • Absolutely Hilarious

  • College kids spend hours playing this game.

  • Recently, however, a friend of mine obtained Cards Against Humanity, which I immediately ordered. I was not disappointed.

  • Don’t be upset by it. Know what you are getting into. After you get past that .. gosh.. It is sooo wrong and sooo fun.

  • don’t know much about these as i bought them as a gift

  • Definitley worth the money!

  • Puts tears in my eyes every time we play

  • I do not have to play the game on PC now.

  • Things certainly get interesting fast!

  • Best Game. Ever

  • You do not know how funny the GAME can bring!

  • I had heard it was a fun game from several friends and thought it sounded interesting.So I bought it.

  • This game is great for those who want something dirtier than Apples to Apples. I learned a few new sex things with this game, but maybe not for the best. It is quite crude and vulgar, but I like that sense of humor. This game is hilarious.

  • We got it on time and everything is great.

  • Even pun non-game playing friend likes it. The game is like Apples to Apples, but with answer cards that are just so much better. At one point, we decided to mix the cards from the two games. That just took things to a whole different level.

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